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Transformational Groups and Workshops

Personal Transformation Intensive (PTI) Reach the deepest healing

The Intensive is a powerful heart-centered personal growth program. It is an experiential program for anyone who is seeking physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. The PTI is an innovative adjunct to individual therapy because it takes people farther in their healing process than they can possibly go in a one-on-one setting.

The Intensive integrates transpersonal, existential and humanistic psychological healing approaches to help you create deeper connection in relationships, with spirit and with yourself.

  • Take a giant leap forward in your emotional, mental, and spiritual life
  • Learn to create your life, not just observe it
  • Find more in your life beyond stress and boring routine
  • Improve your health and improve your finances
  • Find the meaning and purpose in your life
  • Feel fullness and joy in your life

The Intensive uses innovative and powerful techniques in a safe and accepting group setting, and thus creates healing and transformation that both compliments and also improves the ability to gain from individual therapy.

Unconditional Love

Explore your capacity for true Heart-Centered love. Understand the difference between love and sex, and understand how love differs from from neediness, control, and fear of abandonment. Create healthy, conscious relationships with others, and with yourself. Awaken and renew your spiritual connection.

The program focuses on healing trauma, co-dependency, the inner child, addictions, mind-body disconnections and limiting belief systems, while enhancing relationships, self confidence, and empowerment.

What are the Benefits?

  • Self Awareness, Acceptance, and Understanding
  • Stress Reduction and Improved Health
  • Attract Fulfilling Relationships
  • Improve Communication Skills by Learning “The Clearing Process”
  • Tools to Manifest your Goals Using the Full Power of your Mind, Heart, and Spirit
  • Spiritual Connection and Deepening
  • Release Self Defeating Patterns

Program Details**

  • The Program Consists of 5 weekends over 5-8 months
  • Starts Friday evening and ends Sunday afternoon.
  • The program is held at a beautiful retreat center.


  • Addictions
  • Relationships and Codependency
  • Trauma from Physical and Sexual Abuse
  • Shame, Guilt, Fear, Sadness, Perfectionism and Anger
  • Blocks to Prosperity and Happiness
  • Release Yourself from the Victim Triangle


  • Meditation and Chants: to increase self-connection and capacity for transcendence of ego
  • Guided visualizations and exercises
  • Codependency treatment process
  • Clearing process to release assumptions, hurt and anger
  • Boundaries exercise
  • Mastermind groups: Business and Personal Goals
  • Healing of the sources of authority issues and power struggles
  • Sex, Love and Romance Addiction teachings and exercises
  • Substance, Food and Behavior Addiction education and processes
  • Self-care exercises and contracts
  • Integrity checklist
  • Shame release exercises
  • Gender process
  • Healing body shame
  • Hypnosis sessions
  • Energetic Psychodrama
  • Breathwork and understanding of birth issues in adult life
  • Mind-body teachings
  • Immune system strengthening through hypnosis
  • Grief, Loss and Healing of Seperation Issues
  • Closing rituals

The Facilitators

Francesca Richardson, LCSW, ACHT is a therapist integrating traditional and transpersonal approaches in her private practice with individuals and couples.

Call Francesca at 443-924-0346 for cost of retreat and lodging