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Understanding Your Dreams (Dream Analysis)

Dreams can be deep sources of wisdom 

...if we learn to listen and pay attention to them. Using various experiential and associative processes dreams can be explored to understand the important messages coming from your unconscious mind. The exercises and processes we use help you to gain a greater understanding of your inner self and your higher self, and how to move towards greater wholeness and self-empowerment.  

According to some researchers

...and writers going back to Jung, Freud, the ancient Greeks and before, the sleeping mind has access to deeper parts of ourselves than we allow awareness of in our daily lives. Jung in particular felt we could access archetypal patterns through dreams in order to help us understand our connection to the greater universe and what lies beyond time. Native Americans and many indigenous people placed great importance on dreams, using them to connect with the spirit world, make decisions and foretell the future. The dream world was considered to be a parallel or alternate world which had as much or greater importance as this one.

Archetypal patterns and symbols include

...the eternal child, the magician, the king or queen, the beggar, as well as symbols of our higher self and symbols of our mature and immature aspects of our male and female sides which appear bringing us messages from the collective unconscious. 

In order to understand dreams

...clients explore using traditional talk therapy, as well as other methods including Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, guided imagery, and breathwork.

How do these techniques and processes work?

In traditional talk therapy, we use free association to understand the connections of the dream symbols to recent events as well as to deeper life issues. Guided meditation can help you go gently into a deep and quiet mental and emotional place, where you can connect with your inner resources and creativity in order to be open to the dream messages. Breathwork helps release what does not serve you, and helps you connect your body and mind in order to help you increase your ability to hold the transformational energy received from your spiritual level and your highest consciousness. Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy is a particular type of regression hypnotherapy which is helpful in getting go to the source of a feeling, problem or in this case – the meaning of a dream.

Don’t remember your dreams?

Keep a pad of paper or your journal and pen by your bed at night. Before you lie down to sleep, set the intention to 1) have a dream, 2) remember it, and 3) to wake up and write it down.