About Me

My Approach:

I provide therapy and counseling via phone and via online formats. Feel free to call and we can chat and see how I can be helpful to you. I look forward to speaking with you. 

I am also a researcher, with previous research on trauma, women's issues and caregiving.  Right now I am engaged as a Nature Sacred Fellow with the Institute for Integrative Health in Baltimore, studying the interface of nature and healing, through studying people's interaction with certain nature sites developed by the TKF foundation in the DC area. 

My Psychotherapy approach: 

I provide a warm, supportive, flexible, and non-judgmental environment so that you can heal, explore yourself and your relationships, and reflect and make decisions with freedom and confidence. Through psychotherapy, we can help make sense of what is feeling wrong inside you, relieve your anxiety and depression, heal wounds, sadness and anger from relationships, grieve losses, and help you regain your ability for closeness and intimacy. I am a licensed and board certified clinical social worker, as well as an educator and consultant for psychotherapy students and other therapists.

I work with many couples who have misunderstood each other, and who have not been able to communicate their expectations and hopes. Together we can repair your relationship, heal past hurts and help you to go forward feeling more trusting & able to be intimate.

My training includes psychodynamic and cognitive therapy and psychoanalysis, couple therapy, EMDR (Eye-Movement-Desensitization and Re-processing), hypnosis, breathwork and training in transpersonal therapy and mind-body integration methods.

Hypnosis can be helpful for learning relaxation techniques, for healing of trauma, for alleviating medical symptoms and pain & for getting to the source of a problem or symptom. Hypnosis can be particularly helpful in helping you to conceive your healthy baby.


I give thanks to the many teachers I have had, both the academic teachers, and the many clients who have taught me how to be a better therapist,  who honored me in sharing their struggles to reach their authentic selves, and in sharing their deepest feelings and fears. 

In my learning of psychoanalytic theory and therapy, I was lucky to work with the Training Institute for Mental Health in Manhattan and all the wonderful teachers and supervisors there who brought heart and warmth to my understanding of this work.

In my learning of existential, humanistic, transpersonal and Jungian theory and therapy, I wish particularly to thank Diane Zimberoff and David Hartman of the Wellness Institute of Seattle who have created a program for deep healing of the hearts and souls of therapists and their patients.  They are spiritual as well as academic teachers to me.  I deeply  thank all my fellow teachers and students in the Wellness Mentors program on our path of awakening. I thank Carole Lampmann for her deep and healing breathwork teachings.  

I thank my art teachers and the spiritual mentors who have connected me to my true and intuitive self, and to the source of oneness.  In particular, I have been honored to learn shamanic visioning, artistic visioning and intuitive painting, subtle energy healing and zen meditation. 

I also thank my several psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, hypnotherapists, energy healers who have worked individually with me, for bringing me to this space of healing so that I can offer the best healing I can to others.


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